Friday, November 7

Better them than us!! Arnica's bags were packed, eh.

This is about the funniest thing EVER.

Back in the dark ages, also known as the eighties, Arnica was blessed to have no friends, a face full of zits and access to a TV at all hours of the night. One thing Arnica did on a regular basis was stay up super late on the weekends and watch SCTV. Arnica was also lucky to be the proud owner of Bob and Doug's comedy album. The power band of Canadian rock, Rush, more specifically, Geddy Lee, sang a song on the album that was to be Bob and Doug's, big hit. the song was, "take off."

Also on the album was Bob and Doug's 12 days of Christmas, and a fun game called beer hunter. You take a sixpack of beer, shake up one beer, place it back with the pack, and each player has to hold a beer near his face and then quickly open the beer. This works well with root beer, if you are a zit faced pre-teen who doesn't even know what beer tastes like.

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House of Brat said...

The great socialist north, eh? I would vote for them over Sarah Palin any day!