Thursday, November 20

This is a joke, right?

Bitchy Bitcherson* has somehow found a way to not only get her ugly mug on the pages of a calendar, but has also managed to be even more offensive.

You see, Bitch and eleven other bitches posed in fur for some calendar featuring right-wing wing-nuts dressed in fur. The thingy is called, "pretty in mink." Well, they got one thing right, they are in mink.


The best part is, if you look at all the calendar images, and Arnica implores you to take drugs first, you will see that bitch is the hottest one in the group. That is saying something because bitch is ugly.

*Arnica would like to apologize to all the bitches out there and to all the ho's, as well. Arnica does not intend to imply you bitches are anything like Ann Coulter. You bitches are much better than her.

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