Wednesday, November 19

You can't kill rock n roll

But after watching this, perhaps we should rethink that position.

In case you are interested. This is a twenty five year old song by Lord Ozzy Osbourne and Dead Randy Rhodes. It is an anthem and a rock standard. You should listen to the original.

Lately Arnica has been enamoured with open tunings. And even more lately Arnica has been enamoured by the open D and open E tuning. One night while in his standard drunken, stoneded stupor, Arnica stumbled—first to the bathroom, then upon discovering that if you bar certain chords in this tuning and leave the high E and B strings open, you get a loose version of "you can't kill rock and roll."

The last part of the bridge eludes Arnica. It doesn't quite sound right, but it's good enough for Arinica and good enough for you.


Mark Iverson said...

Oh my God - that kicks SO much ass!

Arnica Montana said...

that's what i do; kick ass.

I leave the name taking to my underlings.