Sunday, December 7

good gawd!

Arnica spent the darkness that was last night in front of the warm glow of the flat screen and watched all two and a half hours of a movie called, "The Devinchi Code." Initially, Arnica was disappointed because he had thought this was a documentary about an Italian computer programmer. But as he continued to watch, because his short whiskey and water wasn't really that short and because he was already sitting there, Arnica discoverd this was a different kind of documentary.

Arnica was joined by his interior designer, Madame Sweetie, who had read the book (whatever those are), and who was excited to see the movie.

Despite the lack of exposed female tits and the utter absolute void of cuss words, this movie had Arnca's attention for the entire duration, due to it's storyline that involved breaking apart and questioning modern religious dogma. To break it down, the movie kinda said, "If you are Catholic and you believe this hooey, man, are you gonna hate what we have to say." So, because of that, Arnica loved it.

Arnica was destined to love this movie because when it first hit the empty theaters, Arnica started to get inundated with emails from his "religious" relatives telling him not to watch this movie. Well, Arnica took their advice and did not watch. He waited for it to come to NetFlix and watched it then. Thanks for the advice. It was a much more comfortable experience.

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