Friday, December 5

Is there a table property for suck?

Right now, Arnica is, not by his choice, formatting a fifty page Word document, and is ACTUALLY having a conversation in his head about using tables rather than frames because tables are so much more easy to use.

Cheeses, shoot Arnica now. Why is he dropping valuable and endangered brain cells on such matters?

This is doubly fucktarded. First, the minutian quality of the conversation is surreal. A conversation, much less an internal conversation, about tables and frames that doesn't involve things made of lumber, cannot be healthy. But secondly, as anybody who has had their word processing anus violated by Microsoft Word would know, Word tables are the worst, hardest to use, poorly designed messes ever to come out of Redmond. To choose it over frames speaks volumes about how bad frames are to use.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with the sad, pathetic crumbs that is Arnica's life, but you needed to know.


House of Brat said...

I feel your pain. What dumbass sent that project your way?

Arnica Montana said...

I could tell you, but i'd have to kill you. And i like you too much to have to kill you.