Friday, December 19

Your dog has fleas

While watching this fun video of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra perform HEY YA by the band OUTCAST, Arnica had these three thoughts floating in his empty, drug riddled head:

  1. How great live performances are. The band looks to be having fun. The audience is enjoying themselves; Good fun all the way around. Arnica thinks he would have liked to have been on stage with this motley crew of miniature plastic stringed box aficionados.
  2. HEY YA is a pretty good song and OUTCAST is pretty good band. Andre 3000 can turn a lyric. "shake it like a Polaroid picture" is genius.
  3. Ukuleles suck! There appear to be 328 Ukuleles on the stage but, collectively they barely muster up as much volume as a plastic toy guitar like the one your dad bought you for your 10th birthday after hearing that you wanted to play guitar, but he was too cheap to buy a real guitar so he went to Sears and plopped down a whopping $24.95 for a shinny red, all plastic, half sized, six-stringed battle axe that won't stay in tune and melted slightly when you dropped it too close to the fireplace right before you ran to your bed and cried yourself to sleep, again.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS REASON TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND NOT JUST SKIP TO THE NEXT ENTRY: Sitting in with the band (or maybe he is a member, who knows or cares) is Breeeeeeet from HBO's Flight of the Conchords.

Now, go away.

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