Thursday, January 22

Fool me once... Fool me for five years...

How can Arnica and millions of lesser people get fooled every week into watching a show called, "What the Fuck?" You may know it by it's christian name of , "Lost," but Arnica calls it, "Sawyer, put a damn shirt on."

This flippity flapen show is ruining Arnica's life, and more astonishing, his mind. Arnica does not know how many more times he can turn on the show and keep trying to keep up with all its' plot twists.

Let us recap what happened last night:

  • The island is a time machine
  • The time machine is broken
  • Kate's oppressors still force her to wear clothes even though she has proven that she doesn't need them—the bastards
  • Sawyer found a shirt
  • Car companies still have enough money to advertise ad nauseam on network TV
  • Prescription drugs are good for you

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