Wednesday, January 14

Take that!

Today started like most days for Arnica. First the morning jerk, then the morning shower, then the morning sobbing in Arnica's coffee before he headed down to the lab for another adventure in disguising his time wasting as actual work. [hold on, need to shuffle some papers]. Arnica went to his computer and did what he does most mornings, namely, check out all the lesser, amateurish blogs that Arnica likes to read on a daily or weekly basis. Most of these 'blogs' do a decent job of taking up Arnica's precious time for moments at a time.

But, to Arnica's surprise, when he went to visit one of the blogs that he visits as a 'courtesy' since the blog is not very good,* Arnica was accosted by a post the mentioned Arnica twice. And if Arnica were any smarter, he would understand how to program his microwave and be insulted by what he read:

Astute readers—and my good friend, Arnica Montana, too—will observe...


but enlightened readers—and good old Arnica—will also recognize...

You can click this link and go to his blog, though why you would want to, Arnica does not know.

The blog wars of 2009 have begun. The campaign will be long, the struggle hard, but victory will be on the side of the righteous, and those who chose the side of looserness will know the full wrath of TheChord. In the end, when the dust settles, all will be right with the world, beer will be both great tasting and less filling, Arnica's car will stop making those weird noises when he comes to a stop, and weed will be free. Hail, Gibberish!

*Arnica has told David and others that David's blog is what Arnica hopes his blog could be when it grows up. Although his blog breaks his only rule, all the time, it is one of the well-est written blogs out there. David actually puts great thought into his entries [whatever!].


dashap said...

Ooh, snap!

I am bleeding from my own ears.

Anonymous said...

You're right... he IS a dumb-ass. And his blog sucks.

House of Brat said...

Nice use of Photoshop on that pic. You must be enjoying the upgrade! ;)

Arnica Montana said...


i so hope you are kidding.