Tuesday, January 13

Greatest day, ever!

Tuesday, January 20, will mark the end of a dark time in Arnica's life and will be the start of a new era. Oh, and Obama gets sworn at, or something, that day, too.

Tuesday is the last day of dank darkness that has hovered over Arnica for what seems to be many many years, but has only been for about six months. Tuesday is the last day of not knowing what the hell is happening to the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. For, on Wednesday, the new season of Lost begins and Arnica can again start to piece together the answers to those questions that have bugged him for nearly five years—questions like; "Why is Arnica still watching this show?" and, well—that's the only question that really needs to be answered.

The show has changed over the years. Some of the survivors have been rescued. Many have been killed. We know who the "others" are, but we still don't know why Hurley hasn't lost any weight during his stay on the island, or why Kate doesn't wear less clothing and skinny dip in the ocean more often. We know she has got to be hot, and those clothes must be quite cumbersome, and being naked has got to feel better. It would make Arnica feel better—much, much better. The whole, 'Kate wearing clothes' thing is quite distracting to the show. Don't they know anything about how to make a hit show over there in jollywood? Sheesh.

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