Tuesday, January 27

Whose poop do you prefer finding in your shoe?

Nobody asked, but Arnica thought he should tell you his preference between dogs or cats.

Neither, if Arnica had his 'druthers (whatever 'druthers' means). But if, with a gun to his junk, he had to choose he would choose cats. Here is the case.

Case against owning/feeding/cleaning up after dogs:

  • They slobber.
  • The sound of a door locking as you leave causes them go into a state of shock that can often lead to unnecessary, but still frequent futon soiling.
  • They don't own-up to their stinky-time. Hey, you with the little plastic bags of dog joy hanging off your belt loop. Dignity called, he'll be out for a while.
  • You have to walk them. Fark that!
  • They never get any smarter. Till the day they die, they will always fall for the fake ball throwing trick.
Case for co-habitating with lazy/self-cleaning/constantly sleeping cats:
  • Cats do none of the above.
  • When you go on trips, you can leave a big bowl of chow and water, and you are good for a fortnight.
  • Cats poop in the same two-foot square their entire lives. This is a point against, but for the fact that you can put that two foot square anywhere, including your roommate's closet or neighbor's shed.
There you go. You are welcome. Now, go clean that mess Mr. Poochee Woochee left on your rug.

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