Monday, February 2

Arnica's highschool "Relgion" teacher in the news

Yeah, Catholics.

Wow, Arnica always though putting celibate males in positions where they become community leaders in charge of the spiritual development for a congregation of people who, for the most part, are not celibate, then to give the celibate priests access to young children, and also the ability to provide marriage and sex counciling to sex-having adults and young people was a brilliant plan.

Who'd a thunk?


Arnica Montana said...

Im not lying. he really was my Religion teacher in highshchool.

Anonymous said...

what's a "Relgion"? You should praise Jesus for spellcheck and f-ing USE it!!

Anonymous said...

ps...that was me, your sad, sad wife.

Arnica Montana said...

arnica is married?

Jeff Adams said...

OMG Arnica, you've got a crazy blog stalker who thinks she's your WIFE!?!?