Sunday, February 1

Arnica Funk

Believe it or not, Arnica has been doubting his genius the past few days. He has been in a crunk (creative funk), or creatapation (creative constipation-ideas go in but nothing comes out). But that was then and this is now, for Arnica has created a masterpiece of improvisation. He calls it Loopisavation. That is where you loop something and then try to create rhymes on top of it.

Additionally, Arnica has also developed a method for creating lyrics on-the-fly. You can try it at home. First you spurt out a phrase. it can be about anything. As you speak or sing the last word, try to think of a word that rhymes with it, then start your second phrase and remember that it has to end with that new word. Why has not Arnica ever thought of this before?



Jeff Adams said...

Kick azz. That's made of 100% pure awesome sauce.

Arnica Montana said...