Tuesday, February 17

Lights in the sky

Quite possibly the Fayist song ever, coupled with what is the coolest use of paper, fuel and flame.
5,000 paper lanterns are released into the sky as part of the Lantern Festival in Pingshi, Taiwan.[Youtube.com]

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If, in your worldly travels, oh-wise reader, you have stumbled onto this event, or if you can in any way shed some Kizzy on the Wizzy (Knowledge), then do drop it. Arnica is eight tenths ears and two tenths soft middle section.
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Katie said...

If I had this lantern, I would not ask for love, fortune or happiness. I would ask that someone who annoys me get a bad toothache.

House of Brat said...

I wonder where these end up? Probably in the Pacific Ocean. Litterers!