Tuesday, March 17

Minutia for Yousha #8

Did you know, Oh Yeah, by Usher is the greatest song ever written?

Don't believe Arnica? Go find yourself a copy, and play the first 5 seconds of the song. If your head is not bouncing like the Ichiro bobble-head doll glued to Arnica's dashboard of his dirt powered Envron-car, then, you sir, don't really like music and should donate your stereo to those less fortunate than you who may actually know what a good song is, and just lack that 500 watt mega-bass sound system.

Usher's song has unseated Arnica's previous best song ever, In The Mood, by Glen Miller. That song is still the greatest dance song ever written. If you don't agree, you are wrong. Sorry.

Music needs to have a message; especially if that message comes with a good beat. What better message is there than, "Hi, I am in the mood?" And to say that with a trombone makes the message even more remarkable.

In the future, stay tuned for some more Arni-rants about music. Some upcoming topics include: the death of Rap. the suckiness of smart-person rock, the also suckiness of pop-country, the ultra-suckiness of music as competition (american idol), the super-awesomeness of classical music, and the importance and relevance of the medium-thick guitar pick in modern music and its offshoots.

Great topics. Let us all pray they get written.

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