Tuesday, March 10

Um. . . OK

Arnica does not know how to react to this.

As a youngster, one of his rare joys was when his grammy (who lived with him) would shout at him as he played in the yard, "Hey you, the one with the buck teeth! try to be useful. Here's a buck. Go to the store and buy me a pack of Marlboro Reds." Arnica would pick up his Barbie dolls and grab the dollar from his grammy's hands and walk down to the store for to get a pack a nails.

Now, back in the olden days, in addition to the fact that nobody batted an eye when a 9-year old bought cigarettes, a pac of cigs cost less than a dollar. Arnica knew this all too well, for he would use the remaining shillings to load up on sugar drugs. One of his favorite fixes was bubble gum cigars and candy cigarettes. Back then, there was nothing cooler than to walk around the playground puffing on a gum stogie pretending to be George Burns.

So it is with fond memories of a childhood filled with fake-smoking that Arnica watches this video and wonders, is this really as shocking as Arnica thinks it is?


Katie said...

A few observations: I like that he's smashing up candy to "smoke" on a dictionary. I like that the environment and the child seem so clean. I like that he speaks so well - like a school project for speech class - "How To". I am alarmed, mostly, by the rest. And wondering how the hell he does that so calmly and who are his role models to "smoke" so convincingly? Hmm....

Doug said...

I think that is a real neat trick, I cant wait to teach my children. We only smoke cigs with them now and it will be great to mix it up a little.