Thursday, March 12


So, a year and a half ago, Arnica and some of his black-tight wearing buddies [Thor, Moosh and H] went on our annual bike ride into BC. During the ride, Thor took pictures. He took one of Arnica and H (what is up with spandex and silly names?) sitting in a bar after the first day of the ride. As usual, Yours Montanaly, did what he always does when a camera is put in front of him, he hammed it up. In this instance, he hammed it up and flashed a limp wrist, implying that Arnica was a twinkle toed pufftah boy.

So anywho, fast forward to today. If you go to flickr and view that image, there is an interesting comment left by somebody looking to do gawd knows what with the image. You can click on their link and let Arnica know what dank hole you fall into.

Best Male Mates? One can only Guess.


Doug said...

You love it!!!!!! I cant wait to see the love hangover you will have after all the dust has settled. Please let them use this darling little photo of you!

Arnica Montana said...

thanks, darling

House of Brat said...

Your elbow should have been off the table for authenticity's sake, just sayin'. But pretty close. A for effort!