Saturday, April 18

Missed it by that much

As you should know, Arnica goes to movies about as often as he bathes—not bloody often. So, Arnica's list of movies to watch is filled with movies that are at least a year old. It is a toddler of a movie that Arnica feels he needs to warn you of today.

That movie is Get Smart.

A more better name for a movie has never been made. A better movie? That HAS been made. It has been made by anybody with a cam-corder, a blank tape, and a script consisting of crayon scribblings on a Starbuck's napkin. "Get Smart" is a very appropriate name for this movie, as in: Get Smart, don't waste your time.

The movie stars Steve Correll as Maxwell Smart, and some hottie-bo-body as Agent 99. Any other similarities to the 1960's television show this movie is (very very very very) loosely based on, does not exist. That's it.

The TV show was no Emmy-winning effort. It was low comedy—so low, you had to wear mining helmets to get the jokes. But it was what it was—a lovable dumb show. It had it's gags—the cone of seclusion, the phone/shoe, and others. Maxwell Smart was a lovable idiot that constantly needed to get bailed out by his hot hot hot partner. In the movie, Smart is a smart guy, and only mildly incompetent. But there is still the hot partner.

The jokes were lame. The action was lame. The plot was lame. The Arnica was sleeping by the end. What else needs to be said? Now, go out, live long, prosper, and spend the 2 hours Arnica just saved you on something worthwhile, like reading this blog—over and over and over again.

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