Friday, April 24

Tavern Sign FAIL

When the employees drink on the job, you know it's a good bar.

Blame it on being a bar in White Center.

In case you are wondering, What's the big deal?

The name of the band playing at some hole-in-the-wall that appears to be completely painted blue, on some vague day in May, is Arnica's own Gravy and the Biscuit Rollers.*

Biscuits don't rot, anyway. they just get hard and turn into hockey pucks. But you wouldn't expect the brain-trust of White Center to know that.

*this the band Arnica plucks for, and sings off-key in three songs for. Not to be confused with his mega-ultra-super-rock band, The Chords of Power, which is currently looking for a bass player, a drummer, an accordion player, and a glockenspiel player.

1 comment:

Mark Iverson said...

Dude, this name is WAY better - I'd buy an album by Gravy and the Biscuit Rotters in a heartbeat!