Friday, May 22

Rant-o-matic 1A

Are you like Arnica, and hate it when hoytee toytee types say, when you offer them a drink, "oh, I don't drink." or when you mention a hot dog and they say, I don't eat meat." or you talk about a TV show and they say, "I don't watch TV."?

That bugs Arnica to no end. If you don't drink, don't take the drink. If you don't eat meat, Shut-the-Front-Door. If you don't watch TV say, "No, I didn't see that."

Don't take the opportunity to make a statement. It just goes over Arnica's head.

If you offered Arnica a scoop of wet poop between two slices of dried poop, Arnica would say, "Thanks, but no thanks." and call it good. Maybe, you love poop sandwiches. Arnica doesn't know. Arnica doesn't want to alienate you just because you eat feces and Arnica doesn't. To each his own poop, Arnica always says. You are a flippen freak but so is everybody else.

End o' rant.

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