Tuesday, June 2

bad day so far.

It started this morning. Arnica decided to ride hisbike in since it looked to be a great day. It was 65 degrees at 6am. That's a good day. But, about 3 miles from work, Arnica got himself one of those there flat tires. Somehow, Arnica managed to ride over an inch long wood screw. It flattened the rear tire of Arnica's cycle. Arnica got down to the dirty work of fixing the flat.

Now, what Arnica normally does is not fix the flat but, instead, replace the punctured tube with a new tube. Arnica learned from past mistakes to always ride with at least one extra bike tube. For some reason, Arnica chose to go against his better judgement and fix the flat. Ten minutes later, Arnica had fixed it, pumped the tire, put the tire on the bike—but then heard that all too familiar sound of air rushing out of the tire. Arnica took the tire off, put on the spare tube, blew it up and off He went—a mear 45 minutes later.

When Arnica got to the top secret lab and checked his email, he noticed that a band member had sent him an email and was trying to pull some power trip on Arnica. Arnica wrote back a nasty email. And because of this and other transgressions, may not be in the band for much longer. Stay tuned.

How is your day going?


Doug said...

Lame lame lame. Don't let it get you down, mabey we could have time to jam now.

Katie said...