Wednesday, June 10

Man, drugs are great

Do believe this is in the Gorge, AKA, the worst place to watch a show because of the arseholes who run it. You'd think it wouldn't suck because it is such a beautiful venue, but those Arse-farks really can muck it up. They make it sooo hard to smuggle booze in, and they make it soooo hard to get shitfaced once you are in with your fake binoculars of vodka.

Cammon! Shows at the Gorge are for one thing, for getting shitfaced drunk and not remembering anything about the show you paid $200 to watch, and drove 4 hours to get to, because you drank so much. Sheeze! It's not rocket science, Gorge people. (that might be more than one thing—gonna have to watch the replay. Ya, that was more than one. Sorry.)

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Anonymous said...

I'll have what he is having. . .