Wednesday, July 8

Arnica's new axe man found

Meet the new guitarist for the future legendary rock band, Arnica Montana and the Chords of Power.

After an exhausting and extensive search throughout this great land our yours, Arnica has finally found the one true guitar genius that has what it takes to be the main shredder for his band.

Here he is. This is his audition tape. He has a name, but it's better if you don't know it yet. Arnica needs to run a few things past his law department first.

The addition of the nameless one doubles the band's head count; from one to two. Now, all Arnica needs to complete his band is a drummer, a bass player, a keyboard player, a banjo player, a harpist, a flutist, a kettle drum player, a triangle player, and a fluffer.

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