Wednesday, August 19

Blow up the Cruck

What's a cruck? Half car, half truck. 100% blow-up-able.

My pal, Micheal Serpe has a car that he needs blowed up. Help him, Conan.

Arnica first met Micheal after watching him open for Jeromy Enigk at the Old New Moe's Rocking Something or Another, in 1996. Michael records and releases his own records on his own record label, HomeRecordedCulture. Micheal has even been gracious enough to let Arnica play bass and guitar on a few songs. Arnica has no idea what songs those would be since it has been such a long time since the sessions, and because Arnica doesn't care about personal recognition of his true artistic ability. He does it for the music.

Micheal now lives in Arizona where it's hot all the time. He has a car. He wants to blow it up.

this picture is included so that Arnica can include it in his facebook entry.

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