Monday, August 10

He's back!

Arnica keeps trying to retire from his life of crime, but the powers that be keep calling him back.

Alright aready! Arnica will post some more awesome awesomeness.

Today finds Arnica happy and without his cellphone. Arnica left his phone on the bed stand of his pastor's house after spending a long, hard, night getting his sins forgiven. Arnica's sins have been absolved but now Arnica has no way of receiving important calls from his drug dealer, bookie or pastor. How will Arnica be able to do his favorite activity—sniffing blow off his pastor's arse crack while betting on the ponies?

Arnica will figure something out.

Arnica will go knocking on the door of his pastor the next time he feels like a naughty boy needing a good spanking. Arnica has been a bad boy—a very bad boy.

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