Tuesday, September 22

The poor man's Micheal J. Fox tries break into comedy

Who is this guy? He looks so familiar—like Arnica has seen him on TV. Arnica cannot quite put his grubby finger on it, but he feels like this dude used to be on some show, back in the eighties, about some family where the dad was a doctor that worked at home and the wife was a professional and... Oh ya!

This is Malcom Jamal Warner, of The Cosby Show, doing a little stand-up routine on the you-tubes. Malcom was big in the eighties, but Arnica does not remember him being funny. Now, in the zeros, it appears he is a fricken laugh riot. Check out his act.

Oh Arnica's gawd, that was funny. Arnica peed his pants (well he would have peed them had he been wearing them but Arnica prefers to get his blog on with no pants on). That was hysterical. Wow, he sure can tell a tale. Pure talent that Warner fellow.

Anyway, this chick, in addition to being three things; smart, super hot, and correct (Wait, she is four things. She is smart, hot and correct, AND sorely in need of a new hair stylist. The blind retarded one she uses now—not so good.), has the best response to Malcolm Jamal Warner's comedy bit. Someone, get that girl a bottle of relaxer. STAT!

Lord, Arnica has never wanted to be a flat iron more than he does right now. Let Arnica take out your wave, baby.

ArniMo Out!

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House of Brat said...

"Poor man's Michael J Fox." That is stunningly accurate.

After this video popped up on the internets a few days ago, I read about some of his dickish moves while he was still on that show twenty years ago.

Behind that smile of his lies an egotistical demon.

Guess he ran out of Left Behind movies to film and is now foisting himself on the public at large.