Thursday, September 7

Arnica loves his plastic guitar

As many ArniMo fans know, Arnica loves low-end musical instruments. Nothing makes his heart flutter (other than big titty go-go dancers) like finding old instramental gems at pawn shops or thrift stores. Arnica has quite an asortment of cheapy guitars and instruments including a Sears Fireball plastic (that's right, i said "plastic") acoustic 1/2 scale guitar. This guitar is all plastic, all the time. The fretboard is plastic. The top, sides and back are plastic. Even the strings are plastic. The only non-plastic parts on it are the machine heads, but the knobs are plastic.

When Arnica has a picture, he will post it.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Will you be posting a picture of your penis as well? That was quite the hit at the party, you know! I'm sure the rest of the music world would be very impressed with it as well...