Tuesday, September 19

Arnica makes instruments

Lately, Arnica has been keen on creating instruments from household objects. He has made drums from coffee tins, harps from cereal boxes and a uni-fret from a speaker stand. What is a uni-fret? More about that later.

Arnica's latest creation is a drum-box type thingy. It is about 2ft by 2ft by 2ft, made of plywood and has a different strikable surfaces on each side. One side is the bass drum, one side is the snare, one side has a washboard, and the other doesn't have anything on it. On the bass drum side, Arnica has screwed in a small cooking pot lid to act as a cymbal.

Arnica has played in in public once and was quite impressed with it's performance.

Arnica thinks he will call it the 1 piece drum set.

Pictures to come later.

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