Wednesday, September 20

Arnica loves to teach kids to sing

In addition to being a master musician, Arnica loves to teach children around the world about music and specifically, how to perform music and how to create spontaneous lyrics.

One of Arnica's star pupils is a lovely young future rock star named Phoebe Frances. This girl is a mere 3 years old and already has the mind of a lyricist and also quite a set of pipes.

Here are the results of our latest song writing seminar which focused on free verse lyrical improvisation.

Here are her lyrics:

I like cheese.
I like, I like burritos too.
I like rice too.
and guitars.
and I like it twice.
and I like bomaytos (tomatoes)
and guitars and people everywhere.
and mom and dad.
that's my mom.
that's my dad.
and that's a computers
the end.

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Butchieboy said...

That is a song, all right.