Friday, March 2

Clapton Hating

So Arnica is sitting at his computer working on his top secret work and listening to the Young Turks Radio and during their commercial break, they played "Layla" by Eric Clapton.

Geesh, his solo SUUUUCKS. His whinny, lame slide solo near the end especially bites. it sounds like he was given a slide just before the recording session and was told to do his best. He misses notes. He slides to the wrong note and then slides to the right one. Arnica could do better than that, and if you have heard Arnica play slide, you know how bad that sounds.

Don't get me started on how he has watered down modern Blues and created a milk toast pablum Blues product that red state housewives can enjoy. And his clothes! He looks like a computer programmer with a guitar. His wardrobe on the George Harrison Tribute was ridiculous. Cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt; please! Make and effort to make music cool


OzzyOsmond said...

Clapton is the most overrated guitar player ever. It's nice to find someone else who agrees. I dig Cream, but he's st one of three equals rather than the big cheese as others would claim he is.

Arnica Montana said...

Arnica is happy to find another Clapton non-liker. Lets non-like him as a team and together we can make a Clapton free world.