Thursday, June 28

what the fuck

I go to all the trouble of making this here bloggy thingy and i let 3 weeks go by without inputting my important thoughts and ideas. Lame.

Well Arnica has been busy the last few weeks. Arnica has good news. His band is getting closer being an actual band. As you know, Arnica has a name for the band, "Arnica Montana and the Chords of Power." Well, now Arnica has a drummer and a percussionist. The drummer is Bill the drummer man, who hails from Renton by way of Florida. He is a rock solid pounder of the skins and a good man.

Brian Vergato is the new percussionist. He doesn't know it but he is. Bryan spells his name one of the many ways a person can spell Brien, so i have chosen to use at least 3 of them in this posting thingy. Briyaen is an awesome pounder of the skins, he just uses his bare hands while Bill the drummer man uses small sticks.

Arnica is still looking for a bass player, lead guitarist, keyboardist, glockenspielist, manager, hair stylist and at least 16 groupies. if you can help Arnica with any of these things and know of somebody willing to join the Arnica Nation in it's infant stage, please let me know.

Now here is someone who used to know how to rock before he died. think of this as Arnica's gift to you for waiting so patiently for his next posty thingy.

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