Saturday, July 7

Arnica comes home

Arnica is mere hours from getting on a plane and heading home to the 206. Arnica has spent ten days in America's heartland-Wisconsin and Chicago. It has been a very fine trip. Arnica visited with Squeva of Stoaton and had a grand time making smoars and riding motorless motorcycles. Arnica, his puppy-Phoebe and his hair dresser-Madame Sweetie all traveled north to Green Lake and spent a luxurious week with family.

But now Arnica must get on a plane and head back to reality. But before that sad event happens, Arnica would like to list the top five events of his past vacation

5-attending the Green Lake Wisconsin fourth of July parade and watching a tractor in the parade roll by with a banner attached saying, "sponsored by the Green Lake GOP," and having nobody clap or cheer, just silence as the republican tractor rolled by. Wow.

4-Eating Chicago style pizza

3-Eating a Chicago style hotdog

2-Eating Chicago style pizza a second night

1-Having a bowel movement after a week of eating Wisconson Chees and Chicago pizza and hotdogs.

206, here Arnica comes.

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