Wednesday, November 14

Farewell for now

Arnica is going away for a while. Short story long, Arnica forgot to tip a waitress at his neighborhood Cracker Barrel and, as it turns out, the waitress was an undercover Homeland Security officer with an axe to grind and she decided to grind that axe right into Arnica's neck and haul Arnica in under suspicion of being a terrorist. Arnica and his lawyers will be very busy in the upcoming days building Arnica's defence, but in the mean time Arnica will be fleeing the country and living abroad until this whole thing dies down.

Arnica has chosen the remote location of the island of Guam to hide out. Arnica will return after Tur-duck-en day.

Until Arnica's return, enjoy this song thing he recorded years back. It is a song about oppression and strife—the kind of strife and oppression that food poisoning brings to play the song.


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