Saturday, November 24

guess who's back

Arnica is back. Guam was great. Guam is hot. You know it's hot when after you first go outside and the glowing sun first hits you-- you start to question your choice of attire and start thinking, "i should have worn the shorts that are two inches shorter in the leg and i should have worn the tank top with the small hole near the belly-at least that way i would have some ventilation." When a sexy tank top and shorts combination is "too much clothing," you know it's hot.

It rained one day and cooled everything down but the humidity stuck around. It was so humid, an open bag of chips would go stale in a matter of minutes after opening the bag. Every piece of paper and every page in every book was as limp as a noodle from the moisture in the air.

Arnica had a great time, made some great new friends, reintroduced himself to family, will miss Guam and is happy to be home.

Now back to the tasteless stuff:

don't watch this video if you are easily offended by party favors.

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