Friday, November 2

this is bigger than you, bigger than me

Arnica has beaten most of his addictions. glue, banana peels, oregano; all things of the past. but the one thing that Arnica is still addicted to is TeeVee. Arnica loves to stare at the glowing box of love and acceptance that tells Arnica that everything is alright.

This is from a 1986 show that NBC aired to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Arnica remembers this show, remembers this scene, remembers the snack he was eating while watching this show, funyuns.


Jeff Adams said...

OMG Punky Brewster! That reminds me...

Hey Arnica, you remember calling me up to tell me that my ex girlfriend was on local TV (with Soleil Moon Fry) getting breast reduction surgery?

If you could find THAT clip on the interwebs, I'd be impressed!

Arnica Montana said...

lucky for you, you can continue being unimpressed with Arnica. No luck but thanks for forcing Arnica to youtube "breast" and "Moon Fry." But no thanks for making Arnica look up "surgery."