Sunday, December 30

Curb your "Curb your enthusiasm" enthusiasm

Is it just Arnica or is this show not that funny?

Arnica loves him some improv but after an extensive viewing of half of the first season of Curb your Enthusiasm on DVD, Arnica doesn't think this show is any good. Half the time, the actors have to hold in their laughter to get their lines out. The actors step on each other's lines quite often. And the whole thing just seems half-assed if you ask Arnica.

Though the story lines of most improvical shows can be weak, the story lines of this show are very weak. And Larry David is only marginally compelling to watch. The babe that plays his wife is fun to look at and very funny in her own right on all those VH1 retrospect shows.

Arnica doesnt know. He has one more DVD to get through. maybe it will get funnier.

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