Monday, December 17

finger tip frost bite prevention overkill

Really? You need to wear gloves in the Northwest?!? It's 45 degrees this morning, as it has been every morning this fall/winter and you need to sit in your car, put on your mittens and then get out and walk the 20 steps to the entrance to the Fred (Fred Meyers department store-for all you non-206ers).

Arnica has lived in the 206 most of his life and has had the same pair of disco blue gloves for most of that time. And those gloves are as shinny new as they were the day his momma bought them, on that cold night at the Fred.

And you, shorts in the winter wearing guys...
Really? You think that's fine? It's "all good" to show off those hairy, lumpy, pail appendages all year round? Go back inside and cover up those those turkey legs before Arnica has to go all bald Britney Spears with an umbrella on your SUV ass.

People, if you can't dress for yourself, dress for Arnica.

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