Saturday, January 26

great day

Forty years ago today, something truly awesome and amazing happened; something so special that it changed the world forever and railroads of the future aint it.

Madame Sweetie and Arnica have a big party planned to celebrate this astonishing event and it looks like the party gods are not with us. First, last night our pet Phoebe threw-up against the wall and continued emptying herself throughout the night. This morning, she was in good spirits but has a 103 temperature. Is that normal for a pet? So she is going to lay low all day and with luck she will be ready to party tonight.

If that wasn't enough, Mother Nature has decided to bless the 206 with snow. Although the Arnica compound does not have any accumulation, outlining areas are having some snow stick. Couple this with the hilly terrain that abound, and you have a perfect recipe for having guests decide to stay home.

Arnica will keep you posted and let you know how the celebration went.

We have lots of beer and food so if nobody comes, we will have enough food to brave the snow.

Arni out.

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