Monday, January 28

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This Saturday was a huge success. The snow held off, our pet got better and people came to eat drink and play music. Arnica was pleased to see his old (some very old) friends and to reacquaint himself with his tainted past. Carrie and Pam of Danielli (hot band-check them out) brought over a video of us in the studio, 13 years ago, hamming it up for the cameras as other band members were recording their parts. Arnica looked so young. The best part of the video was the infamous rolling of a joint in the recording studio bathroom--all caught on tape. Who says rock and roll is dead?

Mr H. presented Arnica with the number one album of January 1968; something by a band called the Beatles, beetles, beaters; whoever, they must have been a one hit wonder or something. Mr. Crash brought some bootleg CDs which he claims were mearly backups of the originals and not intended to be bootlegs. Mr Johny Nightrain brought some uneatable Japanese crab snacks and some booze. Screwcap Doug brought a 40oz of Old English, and many others gave booze. Thank you all. It will all go to good use if it hasn't already.

Much thanks and heavy appreciation to everyone who came and had fun. Lets do it again in forty years.

Oh ya, best part is we ordered two mini-kegs of beer and still have most of one keg left. Yesterday Arnica woke up and immediately started drinking. What else should an old man do? This was immediately followed by a 3 hour beer induced mid-day nap, which was followed by an evening and night filled with more beer drinking. Viva la liver.

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