Thursday, January 31

Very disturbing

No, not the movie, and not the famous pig squealing scene. It is very disturbing that this scene was in the movie and that the director thought anyone would think those two were actually playing their instruments.

Guitar dude starts out in an open tuning when he plucks the melody, then later he is chording it. Soon after, when he is still strumming the same melody, you see him fret the chord up the neck.

But in all fairness, banjo boy did a good job mimicking the banjo part and his capo (a clothes pin) rocked.

Arnica obsess about music scene continuity so you don't have to.


Jeff Adams said...

This is actually one of the three songs I can play on a banjo. Sometime maybe we can get together and duel.

Arnica Montana said...

we need to figure out how to jam in cyberspace. that would be the best but i expect that there would be some sort of lag-time, huh.

i want to learn the banjo too. any suggestions, other than to get a banjo?