Wednesday, February 27

Arnica belongs to that church

The Washington Post has an article and the Huffington Post has reprinted this report and poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, about the biggest growing sector of religious groups in America. Arnica was very surprised to learn he is in that group.

From the article...
The report shows, for example, that every religion is losing and gaining members, but that the Roman Catholic Church "has experienced the greatest net losses as a result of affiliation changes." YEAH!!!! go team! The survey also indicates that the group that had the greatest net gain was the unaffiliated. More than 16 percent of American adults say they are not part of any organized faith, which makes the unaffiliated the country's fourth largest "religious group."

....While the unaffiliated have been growing, Protestantism has been declining, the survey found. YEAH again!!! In the 1970s, Protestants accounted for about two-thirds of the population. The Pew survey found they now make up about 51 percent. Evangelical Christians account for a slim majority of Protestants, and those who leave one evangelical denomination usually move to another, rather than to mainline churches. Arnica used to mainline churches. You should see those needles.

So, there you go. Come join the fold. the water's fine.

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