Tuesday, February 26

Losty Losterson

Just watched Thursday's show on the 'puter.

SNACA (situation normal, all confused again)

The very pretty Kate was the center of the latest episode. Kate is an escaped felon and leaving the island would not be in her best interest (one would assume), but in her flash forward, we learn that she is off the island and on trial for the murder of her stepdad, who she did kill 'cause he was mean. She told her mom who promptly turned her in.

Jack comes to testify on her behalf and tells the jury a fictitious story about how Kate was a hero and saved everybody's lives after the crash. We also find out that Kate has a kid, and at the end of the episode, we find out that kid is Aaron, Blondie McAussie's kid. So we know that she didn't make it off the island but her kid did and that Kate is pretending to be his mom.

We know that six people from the Oceanic flight made it back and we now know who five of them are; Jack, Kate, Hurley, Syid and Aaron. Who is the other? We know that Ben is off but he was never on the flight so he doesn't count.

On the not-so-confusing but oh so yummy side, we got some good Kate-in-undies scenes.

Kate of Lost, Your beauty wrecks me like a plane falling from the sky. Oh, let Arnica crash land on your island.

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