Friday, February 22

Chilly Willy

This weekend, Arnica and long-time biker pal, H-bomb will be riding the annual Chilly Hilly bike ride. This ride is true to it's name and is a good chance for fat fucks such as Arnica to get back on the bike and burn some calories.

The ride starts at the Seattle ferry dock where we get shuttled to Bainbridge Island and then ride 35 hilly, chilly miles around the island.

The good folks at Cascade Bicycle Club, who put on this ride, were nice enough to make the gayest (Arnica is using the old school definition of "gay" which means "lame"- not that being gay is lame... Oh, we should all just stop using that word when we mean to say "lame") video ever of the ride from five years ago.

WinBloze Media
Slowtime Media

Those of you languishing in the winter wonderland that is the Northern Midwest and Northeast will enjoy watching what we in the Northwest have to deal with in the winter. The lack of snow and sub-freezing temperatures sure can be rough.

Here is the elevation map for the ride. Told you it was hilly.

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