Friday, February 29


OK, time travel has now entered the picture, adding more moments where Arnica sits on his couch, holding his head, yelling at the TV, "give me back my life, you bastard."

Syid and Des hop a ride on a chopper back to a boat docked nearby and Des starts to get these super hard-core flashbacks to 1994. When he comes out of his flashbacks he doesn't know who he is.

Long story short, Des has to find his "constant" between both instances in time, now and then. Naturally, his constant is Penelope, the love of his life who has been looking for him for years. While in 1994, he sets up a time that he is going to call her and then proceeds to follow through and call her in the present. The call stabilizes him and he has no more violent flashbacks.

All Arnica's old theories are blown out of the water. He officially has no idea what is going on. Time travel? Are you fucking kidding?

Now, in addition to the island and it's mysteries, the secret hatches, the smoke monster, the polar bears, the special numbers, the 108 minutes, the magnetism, the four toed statue, the Darhma project, the submarine, the mother's who die at child birth, Jacob and his hut, the sonar fence, Walt getting older, the abduction of the kids, the nearby island, the zoo, and the Others, we now have to figure out how time travel fits into the puzzle?


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