Tuesday, April 29

Cheese product infection

Fun week in Arnica-ville.

It started with an entire week of cold symptom having-fun times, which lead to the highest of highlights. Arnica used a netty pot for the first time. Don't know what a netty pot is? It is self inflicted water-boarding. You pour hot-salt infused water down one of your nostrils, using a special netty pot, and out the other nostiril comes the water and lots of lovely chunks of nasal nastiness. Good times. But now Arnica thinks he has a sinus infection. Arnica's boogers and snot have gone from green to clear to a strange orange—the kind of orange you get when you don't add enough milk to your Kraft cheese and macaroni and you end up with a powdered cheese noodle mess. Arnica has partially dissolved cheese powder in his nose and it ain't pretty.

Any who, Arnica has been told by countless unqualified experts that he has a sinus infection. So Arnica has accepted their diagnosis and will be going to the quacker later this week.

Let's see... what else. The band played a gig at a supermarket parking lot this past Saturday afternoon. It was awesome. We had a large part of the lot taped off and we played outside. Arnica counted 20 people who walked by, 8 who turned their heads at us and 3 who smiled. Other than that, we played to a packed house (of cars). The grocery store is called Green Grocer and it was their one year anniversary and, yes, a band member is dating one of the checkers at the store, which is how we got the gig.

Oh, and this picture sure is funny. Ain't it?


Mark Iverson said...

Here's what you do. Go buy a water pick - the machine used by dental fetishists to clean their teeth. Then buy a nose adaptor for it. Then put 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and a full teaspoon of seasalt in a pint glass. Top it off with distilled water. Put the concoction in the microwave and heat until it's room temperature. Dump the warm liquid in the water pick resevoir, put the nose adaptor to one nostril, and then turn the machine on. It's a netti pot on steroids and irrigates your head like nothing else.

Arnica Montana said...

are you kidding?