Wednesday, April 9


There used to be a picture here of a guy and a dog, both had around their neck one of those big dog cones that prevent dogs from licking themselves. And they guy was naked. Nice pic. don't know what happened to it.

Update time.

Arnicaville is a whirlwind of activity lately. Arnica's special interest, Madame Sweetie, has been busy with her favorite activity, making sweet treats of eggs, flour and butter; namely cake. She has made quite a few in the past months. If you want to see them, you will need to hold your horses for a bit. Arnica and the sweet one are working on a new website for her and it is 92.6% complete. The last 7.4% are in a constant state of "What can i do other than work on the site" mode.

Speaking of other things Arnica can do other than work—Arnica has been torturing the fine folks of Renton Washington every Tuesday night by playing his bass loudly and poorly at Love's Landing Bar and Lounge. If you're not doing anything on Tuesday nights, and your supper isn't sitting well, and you wish you could just hurl it up and eat some more, then come on down and enjoy some loud, mostly in-tune, rumbly bass playing. It is sure to dislodge whatever you have stuck in your gut.

Arnica and Gravy and the Biscuit Rollers play for about 4 hours every Tuesday. The owner pours beer down our throats and we make noise till the room spins. We play a set then invite folks to come up on stage and join us. The owner of the bar plays a mean sax. We had a trumpet player last night and we have had a few harmonica players and a couple of your standard guitar weenies. It's good fun. Come down.

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