Thursday, April 10

wicka wicka chirp chirp (part 2)

Below is a video of four DJs performing a song. It is really quite cool to see and hear the DJs join together like a band to make music.

Now this raises a question; what is the fucking point?
You have four guys with samples of real instruments on their records, and they are scratching and sniffing and performing a song that, if you close your eyes, kinda sounds like musicians with traditional instruments. Why bother?

This may be the musical version of Jumping The Shark. DJ's may have just outlived their usefulness.

Check it. You have rappers like Emenem making their, "wicka wicka" sounds with their very own mouths. You have mp3 players that can segue songs as well as or better than real DJs. So why do we still need guys turning records?

What has always bugged Arnica about record scratchers, which, by the by, Arnica gives props to for being musicians, is that record scratchers would have nothing without the efforts of a prercorded musician's performance. It probably kills some musician just a little bit to go to a club where a DJ plays a record that gets the joint-a-jumping, and to know that the DJ is getting paid to play someone else's performance. This is the crux of why some musicians are waiting for DJs to go away. Arnica is not one of those waiting for the demise of the DJ but, at the same time, he does want that high paying wedding reception gig back.

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Arnica Montana said...

Oh ya, and not to mention, this performance is only going to work if all the sampled songs are in the same tempo. Scratchers, unlike traditional musicians, cannot choose their own tempo. But at the same time, they cannot speed up like most bands Arnica has been in have tended to do.