Friday, April 11

What can DAX do for you?

Listen to this.

It came from this...

It's a Daxophone and was invented by Hans Reichel.

In a nutshell, it is a block of wood mounted to a tripod. Inside the block is a microphone. Mounted on top of the block is a thin, flexible piece of wood. This thin piece can be swapped out for other thin pieces in various shapes that change the tone of the voicing. You bow the thin piece with one hand while, with the other hand, you press down with another block of wood and rock it back and fourth to change the pitch. One side of the block of wood has frets, one side does not.

The end result is an instrument that sounds eerily just like a human voice.

This is the part mounted to a tripod

This is the part that you rock back and forth to get the varied tones.

Cool, huh?

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