Thursday, May 1

Oh Crap!

Why is this funny?

This video was sent to Arnica by one of his many loyal fans. This fan is very old enough to remember when this first aired on the tayvay. Unfortunately, Arnica is too. But to Arnica's defense, he was pooping himself and drinking milk from a baby bottle when this video first aired. You guessed it, Arnica was 34.

In today's morally declining society in which we are mere moments from eternal damnation, what we consider funny does not match that which was once funny in an era where men wore suits to church and to bars and women 'preferred' to get paid half as much as men. Back then, a comedian could not go on the tayvay and start cussing and still get a round of applause. No, back then you had to do your cussing before the red light turned on, and clean up your act for the tayvay audience.

So it must have been super hilarious, 40 years ago, to watch this skit in eager anticipation of seeing either Johnny or Jacky slipping up and letting a naughty word like, "crap" sneak it's way onto the screen. Oh, the scandal!

Note from the Management: If you are watching this video and have absolutely no idea who either of the two gentlemen are, especially the person not playing the cop, please turn off your computer, ask your mom for another Hot Pocket and go try to beat your high score on Guitar Hero.

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