Wednesday, May 14

who are you?

Arnica's favorite celeb-sites have pictures of this winner from time-to-time. Today is one of those times. He is famous yet Arnica has no idea who he is. How is that possible?

This picture is great. Nice face, freak. But it does remind Arnica of his ill-spent youth and all the clearasil he used to go through during his awesomely awesome phase of young adulthood when he grew a zit on his face every hour he was awake and grew a zit for every half hour he was asleep.

If it weren't for the fine products supplied by the fine folks at clearasil, Arnica may never have gotten a date during those teenage years. Wait. Oh ya. Arnica did never get a date during those teenage years. It must have been the zits. Or the lack of self confidence. Or the extra 30 lbs. Arnica carried around back then. Or the lack of a job or a car. Or the lack of the ability to talk to the opposite sex when given the opportunity. Or never having the opportunity to talk to members of the opposite sex. Or the large amount of masturbation that Arnica did back then.

Who the fuck are you, and why do we care?


Anonymous said...

pete doherty of the libertines

Arnica Montana said...

you really have no sense of humor, do you?