Wednesday, August 20

couldn't resist

Matt Louwerererer is so cute.

But other than that, the Olympics are starting to blow. It was great the first 47 beach volleyball games Arnica watched and the first 72 gymnastics routines, but now they are all so boring. What makes it worse is that there are so many other competitions going on that Arnica never gets to watch on his 12" screen TV in the dark basement of his small downtown apartment. [do you know how hard it is to find a cheap apartment with a basement?] Arnica has stopped watching the 47 hour delayed broadcasts and has started watching the Olympics on the internuts. Now Arnica can watch all those other awesome events like, ping pong and team ping pong.

All Arnica aside, Arnica has been watching the track cycle racing. Man, that stuff is fun to watch. The two man sprints are great. But the team of four pursuits are the absolute most fun to watch. Arncia cannot adequately explain these events so you should just go to and watch them for yourself.

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